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  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing is oriented to the consumer needs or problem, and is the new strategy to interact with those that have an auto-education behaviour.

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  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation is about generating contacts of people that are interested in a certain topic.
    Every company needs to be able to speak with people that are interested in the company’s product and/or service. On the other side, people are interested in receiving more information about a product /service of their concern.

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  • List Broking

    Means leasing databases for telemarketing campaigns, database these duly registered in DPA and with the express consent of the people to be contact by other companies for commercial purposes

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  • Web Traffic

    The main goal is to generate the maximum number of Leads for the target investment.
    For each thematic, we study the segmentations and we identify the main targets. Daily, we search for the best Keywords and Websites to each segment and we adjust the ads (text , image and video) accordingly.

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