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Want to reach the correct audience for you?
Lets us know how we can help!

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Finance & Smart Money Our foundations are based on this new trend, for our audiences to do more with their money.
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You can be looking to choose a car, a personal loan, a savings account, a utilities provider or even a travel arrangement , the truth is that the internet has changed the way we decide what and how we buy. Google has called this new era of making online decisions as ZMOT - Zero Moment of True.

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With our Personal Finance & Smart Money portals, we aim to provide information that meets the diverse needs of people who are looking to manage their daily budget in order to make the most out of their money. The decision-making process has changed. People, now, search for more qualified information before making a decision and the time between the appearance of the need and it’s satisfaction has decreased. In this era our users expectation is to resolve their personal needs in a faster pace.


The purpose of E-konomista is to help consumers make more conscious and effective decisions for themselves and their families. We aim to be an information portal about personal loans, to clarify and inform all visitors about everything that is related to credits and loans, so they make an informed decision.

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