Education & Employment

Providing our audiences with the tools, knowledge and motivation to develop their career, pursue their vocation and retraining.

What we do

Our portals Jobtide and Ncursos help our users have professional success. We provide our users access to information that will allow them to evolve. We aid all kind of job seekers with the most adequate information.

Jobtide aims to present our community with various and updated job offerings that are the most adequate to the user’s search. Our main goal is to keep our community informed of the most recent job offers and share with them interesting and fundamental advice on how to thrive for great professional success.

We have audiences in Portugal

Ncursos presents users with courses that will enhance their job opportunities. We work in close partnership with various training centers/schools to promote their courses. These courses are made at the user’s measure and there is always the possibility of doing the course at a distance, online or in a classroom.

We have audiences in Portugal

Adclick is proud to work with the National Commission of Data Protection to certify that our users are protected and respected.

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