Web Traffic

aims to create the best mix of the traffic sources that will allow our clients to reach their goals in the most effective way.

What is it all about?

Our Web Traffic solutions offer our clients a mix of traffic sources that can be combined to best achieve the goals. Goals that are usually a perfect balance between quantity and quality.

Online Media Buying

Our area of Media Buying reflects the expertise that we have to buy traffic on platforms such Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ads and others.

The main purpose is to generate the maximum number of visits / leads for a given investment. What is most alluring is in ability to create harmony between a strong analytical element and a creative intelligence. We connect marketing and statistics in a curiously dynamic relationship.

Affiliation Network

Afilea is our affiliation network, that allows our clients to have more sales with less costs and in less time. We have been able to combine an intuitive platform, with real-time reporting, security protocols (HTTPS/SSL, MD5 encryptions), reliable tracking and our multicultural and multidisciplinary team.

We connect advertisers and publishers over 16 countries including Portugal, France, Spain, Poland, Brazil and Latin America.

Email Marketing

Our E-Mail Marketing Team works in more than 14 different countries through Europe and South America. We are proudly considered a Return Path Certified Sender. We only send emails to high quality mailing lists, that are SOI and/or DOI. Our main focus is respecting our users so we only send emails to active users.

We work with an email marketing platform that optimizes and targets each campaign to respect and ajuste to the user’s behaviour, across various mailing lists.


We have portals that aim to satisfy the various needs of our users, by guaranteeing that our audiences are our main priority we attract a significant number of visitors to our portals all looking to clarify a specific need.

This makes our portals a place where our clients want to be present to have the opportunity to communicate with our audience.

Adclick is proud to work with the National Commission of Data Protection to certify that our users are protected and respected.

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